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5 dehydrator sheets

5 x Excalibur dehydrator sheets

suitable for 5 or 9 tray models

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Dehydrator sheets made specifically for the Excalibur are super flexible and coated for non-stick fruit leathers, rollups, taffies. They are reusable for years, and will only need replacing quicker if you constantly cut on them.

Unlike parchment paper or plastic wrap that often becomes stuck to the food, dehydrator sheets are 100% non-stick allowing even the stickiest foods just peel right off. Dehydrator sheets are also FDA approved and are temperature rated up to 500ºF so they can be used as baking sheet liners. 

Dehydrator sheets are used for:

  • Making fruit roll-ups 
  • Drying entrees for backpacking meals (ie stew, spaghetti) 
  • Making raw food cookies and crackers 
  • Drying purees that would drip through the polyscreen mesh inserts 
  • Lining baking sheets when making cookies
  • Lining the bottom of dehydrator to catch drips and spills 

Catch drips with dehydrator sheets -- Put a dehydrator sheet under your Polyscreen tray liner, to catch drips, if you're drying foods with a lot of moisture content. Even though your Excalibur is easy to clean, using dehydrator sheets in this manner will make clean up even easier!

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