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A harmonising DOT to restore the natural vitality of water and liquids -- the aquaDOT is attuned to the vibration of living water.


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Water is essential to all life on our planet. It is very impressionable. Not only does water take on the shape of whatever surrounds it, it also takes on the vibration. In the case of EMFs, distorted electromagnetic information from communications technologies can become imprinted in the water and liquids we use and consume. The aquaDOT is designed to refresh the natural energetic structure of water, removing imprinting from EMFs and other sources, to give your body the best chance to renew itself on a cellular level. Imagine the vibrancy of water straight from a crystal clear spring, carrying the joy of wild water. Now, imagine this same water energising all the functions water has in your life. This is the purpose of aquaDOT.

Where to use aquaDOT

As with all the DOTs in the energyDOT range, aquaDOT is versatile and multifunctional. The first place to use aquaDOT is on your drinking water, either on your water filter, dispenser, bottle or cup which is your everyday source of water.Then think of all the ways you use water, or liquid products that have a high water content –- and add an aquaDOT.

If you enjoy cut flowers, place an aquaDOT on the vase to retune the water and enjoy the flowers for longer.

How to use

The aquaDOT will stick firmly to a clean dry surface. Containers with aquaDOTattached and can be washed in normal washing up liquid -- we don't recommend cleaning in a dishwasher. Water and other liquids require only 1-2 minutes to adjust with aquaDOT's harmonising effect. Longer exposure to aquaDOT can produce an improvement in taste quality as well.

Energy DOTS

About energyDOTs

It's all about energy. Whatever your pace of life you need energy to be at your best. A busy life and the effects of modern technology can occasionally leave us feeling low.

    What would you value most?
  • Improved physical performance?
  • Greater concentration and focus?
  • Feeling well balanced?
  • Relief from tension
  • Better sleep?
  • Increased energy?
  • Fewer headaches?

energyDOTs are ideal for anyone answering 'yes' to any of the above -- and countless energyDOT users already enjoy the benefits.

Revive your energy

energyDOT magnetic discs are programmed with naturally inspired frequencies. They are supercharged with subtle energy to strengthen and support your natural flow of vital energy. Different DOTs have different roles. Wear a bioDOT under your watch, stick an electroDOT on your electronic equipment, or put an aquaDOT on your water filter.

EnergyDOTs are designed to revive your energy and can help relieve the side effects of exposure to the technology we all enjoy. Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from mobiles phones, cordless phones, computers, TVs and everyday electronic equipment can interfere with the essential electrical communication between cells in our bodies. Daily exposure to EMFs has an impact on our vitality, energy and health.

You can use energyDOTs to clean up man-made electro-pollution as well as strengthening and balancing your own energy field. Tests have shown significant benefits from using energyDOTs.

Living with electro-pollution -- some important points

Clinical studies around the planet have linked high levels of environmental RFRs to health problems. There is a latency period for most diseases and it may take years and more studies before the required weight of evidence is established. The effects are cumulative and precautions should be taken now.

You can take action now to minimise the impact of EMFs on your health.

Maximise your immune system. The stronger and clearer your physical systems, the more resistance you will have to environmental stressors. This can be achieved by the regular intake of good quality antioxidants, fresh organic foods and drinking plenty of pure water.

Find the healthy lifestyle which best suits you to include the fresh air, exercise, relaxation and quality personal time necessary to de-stress and build up your natural energy resources. A strong energy field is your best protection against environmental electro-pollution.

Minimise your use of wireless communications systems and exposure to electromagnetic fields from computers, microwave ovens, TVs etc. wherever you can. Limit mobile phone use to essential calls and keep calls short. Even a two-minute call has been found to alter the natural electrical activity of the brain for up to an hour afterwards.

Take regular breaks throughout the day from close proximity to electronic equipment. Never carry your mobile phone next to your body or sit at your computer all day. Don't put your mobile phone in your pocket or belt while in use or while it is on. The body tissue in the lower body area has good conductivity and absorbs radiation more quickly than the head.

Promote peaceful sleep by clearing your sleeping space of electronic equipment. Never sleep beside your mobile phone or charge it next to your bed. Move all electronic devices at least six feet from your bed.

Choose wisely for your children. Young developing cells are particularly vulnerable to disturbance from EMFs. Keep exposure to a minimum during pregnancy, for babies and toddlers. Encourage children to enjoy non-electronic activities. The UK government recommends that children under 16 years use mobile phones in emergencies only.

Use a scientifically validated EMF protection device. Advanced technologies are available to strengthen your bio-energy field and immune system against the effects of EMFs and naturalise emissions from electronic equipment. EMF radiation causes a problem when the cumulative effects, due to repeated exposure, weaken the body's ability to repair itself. 'Second-hand' radiation and EMFs from other people's devices can also cause biological stress, so these types of biofield protection devices are becoming increasingly essential.

Seek professional advice from a qualified doctor or health professional if you experience symptoms you believe relate to electro-pollution or electro-stress.

Note: this list is far from exhaustive. It should be referred to as educational and representing a number of interventions you can practice immediately to protect yourself and your family from the effects of environmental electro-pollution.

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