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Living Food For Health By Gillian McKeith

Living food for health: 12 natural superfoods to transform your health.

Gillian McKeith. Paperback, 192 pages

Piatkus Books, 2004.


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Leading International Nutritionist Gillian McKeith has identified the key natural superfoods which are packed with powerful nutrients and enzymes essential to our health and well being. Gillian McKeith shares her findings in this life changing book. Use her easy to follow advise and tasty recipes to dramatically improve your energy. 
Discover which foods can:

  • Boost your energy
  • Heal your organs and cells 
  • Detoxify your body 
  • Strengthen your kidneys 
  • Improve your digestion 
  • Strengthen your immune system 
  • Reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure 
  • Break down fat, cellulose and starch 
  • Activate the enzyme energies of your body 
  • Strengthen your spleen and liver function 
  • Increase mental and physical endurance 
  • Regulate your blood sugar 
  • Lessen hunger cravings and loose weight

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