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Naked Chocolate by David Wolfe & Shazzie

Naked Chocolate by David Wolfe and Shazzie. 

Uncovering the astounding truth about the world's greatest food.

248 pages, full colour, paperback.


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"David and Shazzie's new book is great! A very interesting read with many color photos too. So far, in a word I'd say it's ...... Captivating. Can't wait to try the recipes. I think maybe there is some magic in that book. Get it! If you cannot afford it, have your local library order it!"
-- Shannon Cox, Portland, Oregon, USA

"...arrived really promptly thank you...I was "champing at the bit" for the chocolate book, which is fantastic...and we have a new favourite recipe – chilli con cacao!!! Actually the chocolate pizzas went down pretty well too... Kind regards" 
-- Tanya, UK

"The most complete book on chocolate I have ever read! Shazzie and David do a perfect job sharing extensive cutting edge history, little-known factoids and colorful scrumptious raw chocolate recipes! The best and only raw chocolate book on the market!" 
-- Alex, USA

David Wolfe, America's leading nutrition guru, and Shazzie, the UK's most progressive health educator, have teamed up to bring you Naked Chocolate! 

WIth Naked Chocolate, you learn everything you always wanted to know about chocolate! It's all totally laid bare for you! 

And, then once you have this info, you're chomping at the bit going "But what do I do with it?" And that's where our Chocolate Alchemy section comes in. We've created over 60 original and mouthwatering sweet and savoury recipes for you. They're all beautifully photographed in full colour and have step by step instructions so you can become your very own Naked Chocolate Chef right now!

Table Of Contents


Cacao’s Properties

Part I: Cacao

Legends of Cacao
Theobroma Cacao
A Brief History of Chocolate
Money Does Grow on Trees

Part II: Scientific Properties of Chocolate

Chemical Composition of Cacao
Methylxanthines: Theobromine and Caffeine
Anandamide (the Bliss Chemical)
Neurotransmitter Modulating Agents

Part III: Exotic Properties of Chocolate

Nature’s Prozac (Anti-Depressant Properties of Cacao)
Tryptamines, Phenylalanines, Lactones and Cannabinoids
Chocolate as Medicine
Chocolate and Pregnancy
Chocolate Yoga
Overcoming Chocolate Addictions
Saving the Planet with Chocolate

Part IV: Chocolate Alchemy

Curing by Contraries
Naked Chocoalte
Organic Food
The Ancient Chocolate Drink
Cacao’s Best Friends (such as goji berriesmaca,algae etc)
Other Old and New Friends of Cacao
What to do with Cacao Beans
The New Cacao Beverage
The Recipes


Chocolate for the Skin
The Chocolate Religion
Finding the Best Chocolate


A Secret History of Chocolate

The Last Bits

Shazzie’s Projects and Resources
David Wolfe’s Projects and Resources
About the Authors

Check Out Some Of The Recipes!

Chilli con cacao

Cinnamon rolls

Violet's violent end

Crying in the chapple pie

Fudge reloaded

Chocolate sauces

Chocolate tarts

Hot chocolate

Charlotte Russe's beetroot mousse

Prince Pondicherry's chocolate cherry cake

Naked Chocolate Review by Mary Ziolo

Naked Chocolate -- wow, what a title! Really makes you think…

Naked and chocolate - two words that evoke a multitude of images, and thoughts that flood the mind. Words like sublime, seduction, and decadence spring forth. All those wonderful things that were prohibited but were plainly innocent, good naked fun, simply having the best day ever - that's what it's all about.

We all share delightful childhood memories of smudging our hands and faces with this dark, creamy substance. Remember digging into the chocolate Easter bunny; devouring mini chocolate bars for Halloween; double fudge brownies; chocolate birthday cakes or chocolate pudding? All these recollections are associated with celebration and joyous occasions.

Discover the myths and legends from ancient civilizations surrounding chocolate. Did you know that cacao was utilized in shamanic rituals, and as money, by the Mayans? Others have regarded chocolate as a medical remedy.

Uncover the hidden alchemy within chocolate as the true spirit of cacao is exposed in Naked Chocolate. Dive into the cornucopia of possibilities for the best synergy with chocolate for endless creations with this food of the gods. Have you ever combined raw cacao with: maca, agave nectar, bee pollen, cashews or vanilla? Your lips will be smacking with tastebud delight as your heart sings with joy.

An endless symphony of natural chemical components lies within to be incorporated by our bodies and spirits. Find the extensive list in Naked Chocolate including magnesium, anti-oxidants, neurotransmitters, anandamide (the bliss chemical), and tryptophan.

Besides its reputation as a powerful aphrodisiac, Naked Chocolate has an entire section on "what to do with Cacao Beans" and sublime recipes. Talk about innovation! Besides the usual dessert applications, did you ever think of marrying chocolate with beets to create Beetroot Mousse? What about making Chili con Cacao, Chocolate Pizza or Chocolate Tortillas? I bet you never thought of those combos!

Tantalize your palate and libido with recipes such as Menage a Quatre, Deep Pecan Pies, Cacao Kapow, Sticky Hazelnut Clusters, or Fudge Reloaded.

Connect with the Magic and Consciousness that is raw chocolate.

Naked Chocolate is a fun book that will not only entertain you but also educate and inspire you to become a creative little chocolate devil! Enjoy!

Mary Ziolo, Veggie Hedge™

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