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Cacao and Goji Berry Torte

The smoothest, creamiest and most delicious torte! Please find below the ingredients available at Detox Your World -
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Organic Cacao Butter
Organic Cacao Powder
Organic Goji Berries
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Serves upto 15 people and keeps for a week when refrigerated in a sealed container. Keeps well in the freezer once sliced


- For the torte - 

350g Strawberries

100g Cacao Powder

100ml Orange Juice

100g Shelled Hemp Seeds

100g Cacao Butter

60g Coconut Oil

50g Goji Berries

- For the jam - 

50g Strawberries

50g Goji Berries

50ml Orange Juice

20g Coconut Nectar

Instructions - 

Soak the goji berries in water for 5 minutes. 

Gently melt the coconut oil at a low temperature. 

In a high speed blender mix all the torte ingredients together. 

Spoon half of the torte mixture into a cake tin and flatten.

Using a hand blender, blend the jam ingredients. Then spoon half of this jam over the already positioned torte. 

Then spoon over the remaining torte mixture over the jam and then place over this the remaining jam.

Put the completed torte into a freezer for about a hour to set, but be careful not to freeze it. Or alternatively refrigerate it overnight before slicing. 

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Brand Detox Your World
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