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Chia Seeds and Chickpea Falafels

Chia seeds, an extraordinarily versatile superfood extracted from the Salvia Hispanica (a Mexican mint plant that belongs to the labiates family), are crammed with wholesome ingredients including vitamins (particularly vitamin A), minerals (such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, manganese and sodium), protein, enzymes, carbohydrates, amino acids, fibre, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. Once enjoyed by the Aztecs, who used them as a valuable source of food and medicine as well as a form of currency, chia seeds can vary from white, brown, purple, black to marble in colour and are approximately one millimetre in diameter.

Versatile chia seeds are readily absorbable, boast an exceptionally long shelf life and are an utterly indispensible superfood in your kitchen. They can be scattered directly over cereals, soups, sauces and salads or stirred into smoothies, shakes and juices. Alternatively, you can try mixing them with water to create a lovely gel for use in a large range of sweet and savoury raw food recipes such as our ‘Fabulous Chia and Chick Pea Falafels’ below.

Fabulous chia and chickpea falafels

These fragrant falafels are perfect on a warm summer’s evening and make a delightful addition to any picnic.


- 2 cups of sprouted chickpeas

- 1 tbsp. of organic chia seeds

-  3 cloves of garlic

- 1/2 an onion

- 2 tsp. of ground cumin

- 2 tsp. of dried parsley

- A handful of fresh coriander

- 1 tbsp. of raw tahini

- 3 tbsp. of organic almond flour

- Himalayan pink salt to taste


First soak the chia seeds in 3 tablespoons of water, whisk and then leave for approximately 10 minutes. Next, place the chickpeas, tahini, garlic, onion, coriander, cumin, parsley into a blender and blitz until nice and smooth. Empty this mixture into a bowl and add in both the almond flour and pre-soaked chia seeds and a little Himalayan pink salt if desired. Mix thoroughly and shape into round balls. Finally, place your falafels into the fridge for around half an hour prior to serving with a crisp, fresh salad and raw sprouted bread. Enjoy!