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Confidence Rainbow Essence

Confidence Rainbow Essence

25ml bottle.

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Safety surrounds me. I feel comfortable in all situations.

Rainbow Essences® are a powerful new generation of flower and crystal essences that are precisely tuned to the chakras (energy portals) and the evolving human energy field. They are designed to remove the resistance to change and create a state of balance within the energy lattice that allows the graceful unfolding of the divine plan in each person’s life. This state of harmony and connectedness is the basis for the activation of our self-healing potential in all areas of our lives.

Rainbow Essences contain exquisite flower and crystal frequencies together with the energetic signature of sacred power places like Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Avebury, Mt. Fuji, Mt. Kailash and the African bush. They also carry the message of water from over 2000 water sources and sacred springs and the vibrational frequencies of significant astrological events which have influenced and shaped humanity and our world over the past 20 years. Each essence combination is a finely tuned merkabah or star tetrahedron perfectly balanced between sunlight, water, gemstones and flowers.

Confidence Essence is designed to act upon the electromagnetic field (aura) which acts as a buffer zone around the body. When the aura is intact, strong and working well we feel secure and well supported. Confidence Essence is a powerful helper for people who feel insecure or threatened in crowded places and pressurised situations.

Confidence Essence contains

Coral forms a supportive zone of protection around us, dissipating onslaughts. Amazonite filters energy entering the aura and opens pathways through the earth's field for freedom of movement. Mallow moves the energy faster around the body forming a smooth condensed buffer zone. Gorse aligns internal timing and releases fear and desperation. Blackberry encourages and strengthens assertiveness allowing us to respond fearlessly. Larch removes our inhibitions larch allows us to feel self assured and graceful. Buttercup shines and brightens the surface of the energy field. Wild Rose all inclusive love.

This Rainbow Essence contains one part infusion of essence in water to 360 part pure brandy (40% vol).

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