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Elise – French foodie and fitness instructor with an infectious ‘joie de vivre’

Elise Friandises is a full-on French food guru and fitness instructor based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. With a combined passion for healthy eating and working out, Elise’s number one goal in life is to make eating wholesome, nourishing food an absolute pleasure. And the tempting recipes on her highly accessible and informative blog,, which demonstrate how to prepare quality foods in the right way, certainly go a long way to achieving this!

Elise first turned to healthy living at the age of twenty five, after becoming utterly disenchanted with her desk job and sedentary lifestyle. She fondly recalls how everything ‘fell into place’ after joining a gym and making a conscious effort to eat healthy food. The dramatic impact this had on both her physical and mental wellbeing has remained her constant motivation, in addition to the following inspirational quote: ‘The body speaks to us in whispers. If you ignore it, it yells. Don't ignore the whispers’.

Her top tip for those looking to live a more healthy and active lifestyle is to commit for the long term, because healthy living is not a ‘flash-in-the-pan’, to borrow a culinary term. Elise, who swears by superfoods spirulina and omega-3 for a rapid nutrient boost, urges us to ‘take one step at a time’ and assures that ‘small things, done consistently, will have a major impact’.

Despite an exceptionally sweet tooth, the only food that Elise actively avoids is sugar, which makes her feel ‘horrible’. A self proclaimed ‘flexitarian’, who does not believe in sticking rigidly to a vegan, vegetarian or indeed any other type of diet, Elise’s strong aversion to sugar is probably why showcases so many irresistible yet incredibly healthy desserts and treats. 

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