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Compu dome

Compu Dome bio-radiationshield


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For most of us, the computer has become part of our daily lives. Twenty years ago there were very few computers, now they are everywhere, at work, in cafés and most homes now have their own PC. Almost everything in the office is done through computers, we correspond at work and privately through e-mail but how are they affecting our energy and what are they doing to our bodies' energy fields? Imagine that the typical or average person today will receive electromagnetic radiation up to 200 million times more intense than our ancestors did.This is best answered by looking at EMF's (Electromagnetic Frequencies) and how they affect us. Our own body has a frequency of 4-16Hz. The Schumman Resonance is said to be 7.83Hz which is the ideal frequency that our body can be at. This is why we feel good when we are out in nature (such as the mountains or the beach) because the earth has a frequency of 8Hz.

Anything above 4-16Hz is therefore outside our own energy fields and not natural or good for us. Fluorescent (strip) lights run at 50Hz, which is about five times higher than our own frequency. People intuitively don't like being under these lights and they tend to feel drained of energy. This is why when we come out of the supermarket we are exhausted. Next time you are in a supermarket look and see how many strip lights are in there. Imagine then that computers are running at 20000Hz. This means that it is hitting our own energy fields at 20000 times a second and literally blowing a hole in our energy fields. It is generally acknowledged that the fields from a computer can be as much as 18 feet front and back. If these are putting us out of balance it is no wonder we feel drained and exhausted after working on one.

The Compu Dome is one of a new breed of technological devices which, by incorporating microcrystals, converts negative electrical and magnetic emissions from VDU screens. Its energy cell creates active wave filters that produce a positive alteration on the EMF's that are associated with computers. It is making these negative waves biocompatible to our own energy field so that it is no longer having a detrimental effect on our health and energy levels. This can clearly be seen in the two pictures with the compu dome fitted in the second picture.

The inventor of the Compu Dome has spent over 20 years in research and development concerning electromagnetic radiation effects on the body and has now produced various devices to counteract these fields. The simplicity of the CompuDome is that it attaches to any part of the computer or VDU screen and does not affect any of the internal parts or working of the computer. Through testing with Kinesology (muscle testing) and radionics it has proved to be a very vital tool to protect your vitality fields from being drained by environmental electromagnetic fields.

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