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Etherium red powder

Etherium red

28.3g (1oz) powder.

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Etherium Red -- Enhancing Resonance Between Heart and Brain. Awakens kundalini forces in root chakra, removing emotional blockages. Increases psychic ability. Releases etheric energy blockages in heart chakra that hold emotional tension. Spiritual awakening. Known as "The Integrator"

Red is a naturally occurring trace mineral substance with high electromagnetic frequencies and paramagnetic values. The MHz frequencies in Harmonic Innerprizes Red are compatible with the frequencies that are inherent of the glands that comprise the endocrine system, especially the thyroid.

Energetically, Harmonic Innerprizes Red can be first felt in the root chakra as it awakens kundalini forces. As kundalini energy begins to ascend the inner paths through the spinal cord, it cleanses impurities and removes blockages that hold emotional stresses. As life-long emotional stresses are released from the chakras, life enhancing changes begin to take place.

Kundalini energy has the potential to activate and align all the major chakras, resulting in greater spiritual awareness. In human beings, the progress of spiritual growth is intimately tied to the proper alignment and normal functioning of the major chakra centers of the body. When all of the major chakras are open and active, there is ample etheric vitality in the body. In the meditative state, this produces pleasure and bliss. In the awakened state, we begin to live in higher states of health and consciousness.

Harmonic Innerprizes Red amplifies this gradual process of spiritual awakening. It promotes changes in the body normally associated with long-term meditation by accelerating the opening of the chakras and aligning the physical with the etheric bodies. This is especially true when used in conjunction with prayer and meditation.

When the frequencies of Harmonic Innerprizes Red are multiplied along its harmonic values, in the color range, it passes through turquoise. Interestingly, many psychics and clairvoyants have always stated the real value of Harmonic Innerprizes Red is it facilitates integration of brain and heart functions. In the chakra system, the color turquoise would be a point between the heart chakra (green) and the throat (blue). The energy of the throat chakra is our conceptual thought process.

Over time, a resonant vibrational link between the heart and the brain evolves. Sonic vibrations are created in the brain by pulsations transmitted from the heart. This causes stimulation of the corpus callosum leading to greater integration of right brain, left brain activity. Greater interplay and coordination between the two hemispheres, as seen in long-term meditators, has been associated with greater creativity and flexibility of thought.

Taking Harmonic Innerprizes Red with Harmonic Innerprizes Gold is a powerful combination for experienced Harmonic Innerprizes loyalists. Harmonic Innerprizes believes mixing powders with the homeopathic sprays is superior to mixing powder with powder. In other words, combine Harmonic Innerprizes Red with Harmonic Innerprizes Gold Homeopathic Spray, or Harmonic Innerprizes Gold powder with Harmonic Innerprizes Red Homeopathic Spray.

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