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Exfoliating glove

Exfoliating glove

22cm x 14cm.

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This glove with its granulous texture is one of the most effective exfoliating gloves available. It feels simply divine when it's stroked over the skin. Available all over Morocco, massage glovessuch as these are known as 'kessa', 'kesse', in Arabic, or ‘gant de gommage’ in French. It's an essential part of the washing kit taken to the public baths, or hammams.

We recommend you exfoliate once a week, or more frequently if needed. Not only does this practice leave you skin feeling incredible, but the skin, with the dead outer layers removed performs its health giving function much better. In addition, an exfoliation improves the circulation of the blood and lymph, improving the skin function from within.

How to use the exfoliating glove

The glove can be used to perform a dry exfoliation -– just massage the body area with it.

The glove can be use for wet exfoliation –- rub the skin after soaking in the bath or shower, you will be astounded at how fresh and soft the skin feels after using the glove.

After use, rinse the glove and allow it to dry completely. Periodically wash by hand or in a machine. We have tried washing these gloves at temperature between 40 and 60 degrees Celcius and they are still good afterwards. They do shrink, and after the first wash they fit the hand more closely. We would advise placing the exfoliating glove in a washing net if washing with other items, because it may damage fragile textiles. These gloves should not of course be ironed because they are made of nylon. To achieve a longer life for the glove, wash by hand and allow it to dry completely between uses.

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