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Gillian McKeith's Ultimate Health Plan

Gillian McKeith's Ultimate Health Plan

The Diet Programme That Will Keep You Slim for Life by

Gillian McKeith. 224 pages.


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Billed as 100% pure Gillian (we're glad considering some of the YAWYE merchandise!), this book will help you lose weight and get healthy and stick to it.

As usual, there's on counting of calories or carbs, there's just lots of great wholesome food, ideas and recipes.

This is a re-education book. You'll pick it up time and again, and you'll love the way the new you looks!

Gillian McKeith’s Ultimate Health Plan.The DIET programme that will keep you slim for life.

Flick the healthy eating switch and never look back!If you want to change your diet and change your life, then follow Gillian Mckeith’s Ultimate Health Plan. This is your personal one-to-one consultation, and Gillian will be there for you every step of the way.

This programme is 100% practical, highly interactive and gets spectacular results. It will inspire in you a passion for looking after your body and show you exactly how to do that, now and for your life! “Step by step, day by day, I will make it easy for you” -- Gillian

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