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Organic Goji Berries

Goji berries, organic, dried, raw - 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg or 5kg

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Organic Goji Berries

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We were one of the first companies in the world to bring goji berries to the masses. Goji berries are vibrant red berries with a deliciously intense flavour. They are an extremely nutrient-dense fruit. They contain 18 amino acids (six times higher than bee pollen) including all 8 essential amino acids, making them an ideal protein supplement! They contain 11.7% protein, and 328 calories per 100g!

Certified organic goji berries that contain a variety of nutrients including vitamins, minerals and amino acids, and boast a deliciously intense flavour that is often compared to a blend of cranberry and cherry. Perfect as a snack between meals or used in your choice of smoothies, trail mix, desserts and raw chocolate.

Product benefits

  • Boast a deliciously intense cranberry/cherry flavour
  • Make an ideal snack between meals
  • Contain a variety of vitamins including B1, B2, B6, and E
  • Contain a selection of minerals such as zinc, iron, copper, calcium, germanium, selenium and phosphorus
  • Contain the carotenoids, beta-carotene and zeaxanthin
  • Contain polysaccharides 
  • Contain beta-sisterol
  • Certified organic by "Organic Farmers & Growers", the UK’s leading government accredited organic certification body

Suggested Use

Goji berries can be enjoyed as a healthy snack between meals or used in your choice of smoothies, juices, trail mix, desserts, raw chocolate and other sweet treats. Goji berries can also be used to prepare a lovely tea.


Goji berries grow on the Box Thorn (Lycium barbarum), an impressive shrub that is related to the nightshade family and boasts branches of up to 5 metres in length. The Box Thorn is native to the Himalayas where local monks have enjoyed its beneficial effects since 800 AD. Today the shrub also grows wild in a number of European countries including the Netherlands and Belgium, although the majority of goji berries for sale in the west still come from China and its neighbouring countries. Goji berries boast a vivid red colour, are roughly the same size as raisins and possess a flavour that is often compared to a cross between cranberry and cherry.

Quantity and Dosage

Enjoy a small handful (10 to 30 gr.) of goji berries daily.


  • The Goji berry is also known as the Wolfberry
  • The plants grow like bushes with vines that reach over 15 feet. The berries are never touched by hand as they will oxidize and turn black if touched while fresh. They are shaken onto mats, and then dried in the shade. These berries are grown without pesticides in one of the purest places on earth.


100% certified organic goji berries

Nutritional information


Per 100g











Dried goji berries

Country and continent of origin

China, Asia

Product type

Dried berries

Allergy information (free from)

Do not buy goji berries if you have an allergy to bee pollen or goji berries. Always read the information on the packaging before choosing to eat goji berries

Suggested Usage

Smoothies, trail mix, desserts and raw chocolate

Recommended dosage

 10-30 grams, daily

Known side effects

Consult your GP before you order goji berries, especially if you are taking blood thinning or high blood pressure medication or if you are being treated for diabetes.

This product has not been audited or verified by monitoring regulatory authorities. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and / or disorders. Under UK law only a medical doctor may 'treat' illness and disease with a medical origin. The information in this web page is for information purposes only. 

Additional Information

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  • goo goo for gojis

    Angela | 4/9/14

    Comparing these goji berries to the ones in the health food shop, my 2 and 6 year old say WOW, these are softer and actually taste of something. We have them every second morning as part of our raw breakfast and my kids even ask for the red berry things, lol. They really are lovely and good for you, bonus.
  • Gorgeous Gojis are the best :-)

    Sarah4angels | 8/26/13

    Gorgeous Goji Berries ... for some reason once you start eating these it's so hard to stop :-) But I love to soak these in water or even rice milk because when they are plumped up they taste even more gorgeously yummy .. and perfectly plump with porridge or with other cereals. Have made flapjack with them too and added them to homemade chocolate :-)

2 Item(s)

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