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Graham Jevon – the motivational Nutrition Strategist pushing the boundaries of longevity!

Graham Jevon is the UK’s leading Living Foods, Medifoods and Tonic Herb expert and its first and only Motivational Nutrition Strategist. With a strong scientific background, he is most passionate about sharing his positive approach to superfood nutrition and constantly pushing the boundaries of human longevity.

It was Graham’s own struggle with weight loss and chronic allergy that first kick-started his interest in rawfoods, superfoods, medifoods and tonic herbs and it was the amazing results (Graham shed more than10 stone in just 6 months and cured his asthma and eczema simply by adopting a healthy approach to eating) that continues to fire his trademark enthusiasm today.

A world-renowned public speaker and lecturer on raw food nutrition, Graham’s greatest advice for those embarking on the road to healthy living is highly effective, yet incredibly straightforward: ‘just gradually incorporate a selection of superfoods including fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds, grasses (such as wheatgrass), seaweed, sprouts and tonic herbs (such as medicinal mushrooms and ginseng) into your daily diet and drink plenty of fresh spring water from source’. An avid fan of raw chocolate parties and keen to play an active role in the on-going raw chocolate revolution, Graham doesn’t hesitate in naming raw chocolate his number one, superfood of choice!

An inspiration to thousands around the world and from all walks of life, Graham derives his personal motivation from the following quote, “Fear walks alone, Love walks with everyone” and cites the success of others as his ultimate reward.