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Green Star GS2000 Juicer

Green Star GS1000 Juicer


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PLEASE NOTE: The GS2000 replaces the GS1000. It is the same model but upgraded to include a Coarse Screen, Strainer and Drip Tray.

Juicing Process: Masticating -- Twin gear
RPM: 110
Feeding Chamber Shape: 38mm squre with slightly rounded corners
Ease of use (marks out of 10): 9
Ease of cleaning (marks out of 10): 8
Juices Wheatgrass?: Yes
Juice Yield, 1kg Carrots: 560 ml
Juice Yield, 1kg Apples: 810 ml
Weight (unboxed): 9.5 kg
Dimensions (lxwxh): 470x160x310 (mm)
Warranty: 5 years parts (2 years motor)

Free Detox Your World!Awarded Best Luxury Buy in The Independent's "Top 10" Juicers, April 30th 2003

The Green Star Juicer supercedes The Green Life. Its powerful, low speed revolution of the gears adds very little heat or air to the juice produced, thus slowing down oxidation and increasing shelf life. The twin gear impellers are engineered to very close tolerances and press juice from produce at the same time as breaking it down, producing a nutrient rich juice.

The gears contain powerful ‘Bio-Magnets’, which are said to further increase mineral content and availability.

Like all our twin gear juicers The Green Star is ideal for juicing wheatgrass and all leafy green produce, giving an excellent yield and a very dry pulp. The pulp ejection pressure adjustment control is easily accessed on the front of the machine. With a blanking screen it also acts as a food mill for making purees, frozen desserts and nut butters.

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