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Guarana Fruity Smoothie

This brazilian inspired frivolously fruity weight loss drink serves 1 and is ready in a jiffy. But you will going back to make some more..... believe us! - Please find below the ingredients available at Detox Your World -
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Organic Dried Mango
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- 1/2 an organic peach

- 1/2 a fresh mango or a handful of dried mango

- 1 handful of blueberries

- 1 handful of raspberries or strawberries

- 1 tsp. of guarana powder

- 3-4 crushed ice cubes (optional)

- 1 cup of organic mango or orange juice


Blitz all of the ingredients together in your blender for around 30 seconds or until smooth. Serve with a garnish of blueberries or sliced peach and prepare to enjoy!

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SKU FDD20022
Brand Detox Your World
Raw Food Recipes Smoothies and Drinks

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