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Incan Berry and Kale Salad

Watch the video below for how to make this Incan Berry salad, that is wonderfully light and packed full of interesting flavours! 

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Incan berries, (also known as golden berries, Aztec berries or Peruvian cherries), are small, bittersweet, yellow berries that grow on the Physalis Peruviana, a perennial plant predominantly found in the Amazonian regions of South America. 

Treasured by the Incas for thousands of years as a source of food and even sometimes as medicine, Incan berries boast an sweet exterior and are packed with crunchy, lemon flavoured seeds, resulting in a yummy, sweet and sour sensation. 

Incan berries also contain a selection of nutrients including; vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12 and C, pectin, bioflavonoids, phosphorus and a small amount of melatonin. 

Enjoy in this wonderfully light and packed full of flavour salad recipe. 

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1/4 cup incan berries

Kale leaves

Juice of half of lemon

1 avocado 

1 small tomato

1/2 a carrot

1/4 cup of olives 

4-5 dried apricots

2 tablespoons of pumpkin seeds


Firstly in a bowl, prepare your kale and squeeze in some lemon. 

Chop half a carrot, a tomato and a avocado and put these in with your bowl of kale.

Now add some olives, dried apricots and pumpkin seeds. 

Give everything a good mix around. 

Complete the dish by topping your salad with the incan berries. 

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