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Jayne Corner – ‘corner stone’ of The Inspiring Kitchen

Jayne Corner left a successful career in corporate advertising in order to pursue her innate love of food, nutrition and wellness, and satisfy a burning desire to empower others to a life of health and happiness via The Inspiring Kitchen - an informative website packed with tempting recipes, educational articles and nourishing ideas.

Jayne first examined her own eating habits at the tender age of 15, after struggling with illness and fatigue throughout her teenage years. Steadfastly refusing to accept the ‘IBS’ (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) label, she started to challenge many of the so-called ‘truths’ about food and embarked upon an extraordinary personal journey that introduced her to the transformational Paleo diet and ultimately led to her full recovery.

Her top tip for those wanting to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, particularly in today’s world of conflicting messages, is to ‘keep it simple’. Jayne actively encourages focusing on the ‘good stuff’ (which inevitably crowds out the ‘bad stuff’) and urges us not to try changing everything all at once as this, she insists, can leave us feeling lost and overwhelmed. Swapping refined sugar for raw honey for example, is a small, yet positive step towards improved nutrition that she believes most of us can manage comfortably.

A nature lover, who’s passionate about detox, gluten free living and superfoods (her absolute favourite is organic hemp protein), Jayne keeps herself continually motivated by regularly asking herself the following question:

“What can I do now to achieve my dreams?”

And then sets about accomplishing it with her relentless energy, boundless creativity and insatiable zest for life!