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Mango and Goji Berry Sorbet Tart

Unusual beautiful dish that is a lot easier to make than you think! And it's super tasty! Please find below the ingredients available at Detox Your World -
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Organic Goji Berries
Organic Walnut Halves
Desiccated Coconut
Organic Dried Dates
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- For the sorbet topping–

Flesh of 2 mangos 

Half a cup of organic goji berries 

Three Quarters of a cup of frozen strawberries

- For the tart base

1 cup of walnut halves

3 to 5 dried dates

Quarter of a cup desiccated coconut

2 tablespoons of raw honey

Quarter of a teaspoon ginger powder


- To make the tart base

Put all your necessary ingredients into a blender and use the pulsing action, carefully mix everything together until it reaches a dough like texture that can hold its shape. Put a little in your hand and roll into a ball and if it can hold, you are pretty much there.

To form the tart shape, you will need a ring mould approx 8 to 10 cm tall and line some parchment paper. At the end, to make it easier to take it out of the mould, it is a good an idea to line the mould with for example coconut oil.

Take some of the mixture and put into the ring mould and press down to the bottom. This will be approx 2cm.

- To make the sorbet topping (layered effect)

Firstly take the flesh of the mango and place into the blender and blend until smooth. Pour out 1 third of this into a bowl.

Then put into the remaining mango in the blender, half of your goji berries and strawberries and blend until smooth. Pour out half of this into another bowl. This is your yellow sorbet.

With what you have left in the blender, add in your remaining goji berries and strawberries and blend until smooth. Pour out all of this into another bowl. This is your darker yellow sorbet.

Add 1/4 cup goji berries and 1/2 cup raspberries to the blender and blend. Pour half of that mixture into another bowl. This is your red orangey sorbet.

- Assembling

You now 3 sorbet mixes differing in terms of colour.

Take your ring mould with the tart base mixture already out the bottom and spoon in approx 2cm red orangey sorbet.

Then carefully then spoon 2cm of your darker yellow sorbet.

And finally carefully top in 2cm of your yellow sorbet.

Place your completed dish into a freezer for approx 2 hours.

Carefully remove from the moulds, and there you have it! 

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