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Mulberry Salad

Try putting in some mulberries in your salad for a extra crunch and deliciousness.
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Organic Mulberries
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Organic mulberries grow on the mulberry bush, a deciduous tree that is predominantly found in subtropical areas of Africa, Asia and North America. The fruit of the mulberry is not only incredibly sweet, it’s also bursting with beneficial nutrients including protein, fibre, vitamins A, C, E and K, minerals such as iron and calcium, antioxidants, resveratrol (which is also found in grapes and red wine) and anthocyanins (a substance that gives fruit and vegetables their orange, red, purple, black or blue colour).

Organic mulberries boast a wonderful honey-like flavour and can be enjoyed straight from the bag as a healthy superfood snack between meals. In addition, their natural sweetness makes them an ideal addition to trail mix, raw chocolate and rawfood desserts.

Alternatively, organic mulberries may be used as an exciting contrast in all manner of savoury dishes, including our mulberry salad below.


1 cup dried mulberries

Flesh of 1 and a half pink grapefruits (with the half grapefruit left over, squeeze the juice over the salad)

2 cups spinach

Half a cup of red onions

Handful of pumpkin seeds


Roughly chop up your red onions.

Then simply put all your ingredients into a salad bowl and toss everything together.

With the half grapefruit left over, squeeze the juice over the salad (TIP - try putting a teaspoon of raw honey into the juice for extra flavour for the salad)

Simple, refreshing, delicious.

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