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Clearspring Japanese Nori

Nori, 10 sheets, not raw, vegan

25g pack


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The most popular sea vegetable, versatile and easy to use for sushi, condiments and garnishes.

Selected from the finest grades available, for its rich, shiny colour, fine texture and delicious flavour.

In Japan, sea vegetables have long been prized for their varied flavours, versatility in use and their natural goodness. For over 300 years, nori has been cultivated in sheltered bays around the Japanese coastline. After harvesting it is carefully washed and then slowly dried into square sheets.

Though many people toast their nori, we have ours untoasted, which preserves even more of the abundant nutrients found in sea vegetables.

Please note that this nori is not 100% raw. We thought it was because it's not toasted until someone alerted us! This nori is hot air dried at 80 degrees C and then roasted for about 7 seconds at 230 degrees C. If you know of a truly raw nori that we can supply to our customers, please let us know.

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  • Make a meal of it! lush <3

    jaye-bee | 8/22/13

    Love these sheets of love. I make smaller squares out of these babies and place them on my 4yr old and 2yr olds plate, on a chopping board infront of them is sliced cucumber, grated radish, avocado chunks, strips of carrot and a bowl of quiona - they help themselves piling what they want on to the sheet roll it up and munch! Perfect meal that's so easy to make, great for kids and healther than wraps! A favourite meal here!

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