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Superfoodies Coconut Cream Powder

Coconut Cream Powder, available in 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg
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Coconut cream powder is a delicious superfood powder made from fresh coconut milk using a patented spray drying technology. Can be used to prepare coconut milk and is an ideal ingredient in both sweet and savoury dishes.

Product Benefits

  • A delicious superfood powder made from fresh coconut milk
  • Prepared using a patented spray drying technology
  • Contains 87% fresh coconut
  • Can be used to prepare coconut milk at home
  • An ideal addition to both sweet and savoury recipes

Suggested Use

Coconut cream powder can be mixed with (spring) water to prepare a delicious coconut milk. Alternatively it can be used to enhance a variety of sweet and savoury recipes - try adding to homemade sweets and chocolate or your favourite Asian dishes.


Coconut trees boast year-round coconuts that are packed with coconut flesh and brimming with coconut milk. Coconut cream powder is made by converting freshly extracted coconut milk into a powdered cream by using a special patented spray drying technology.

Quantity and Dosage

To prepare a delicious coconut milk, simply add 2 tablespoons of coconut cream powder to 2/3 of a glass of warm water and stir thoroughly. Store in a cool, dry place and once opened use within six months.


  • Coconut cream powder is a common ingredient in Southeast Asian cuisine


Fresh coconut cream 87%

Maltodextrin 8% 

Sodium caseinate 5% (sodium Caseinate is derived from Milk Protein - product is not vegan)

No preservatives.


Country and continent of origin

Malaysia, Asia

Product type

Coconut product

Allergy information (free from)

Do not buy coconut cream powder if you have an allergy to coconut or any other of the product’s ingredients. Always read the product information on the packaging, before choosing to eat coconut cream powder. Packaged in an area where nuts are processed. Products does contain milk.

Suggested Usage

Use to prepare coconut milk or as an ingredient in sweet and savoury recipes

Recommended dosage

According to recipe.

To prepare coconut milk – 2 tbsp. of coconut cream powder in 2/3 glass of warm water

Known side effects

  • Always consult your GP before you order coconut cream powder, especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, suffering from an illness or disease, or are taking any type of medicine.

This product has not been audited or verified by monitoring regulatory authorities. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and / or disorders. Under UK law only a medical doctor may 'treat' illness and disease with a medical origin. The information in this web page is for information purposes only

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  • Great taste

    Dundee | 11/24/14

    Great product , great taste - I add a teaspoon to my bottled water everyday, makes it so easy to drink and keeps me hydrated ! Also love the box the order comes in !

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