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Superfoodies Seeds Of Love

Seeds Of Love raw organic seed and nut mix, 100g


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Superfoodies Seeds Of Love

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Ever wanted a raw food snack to go that is tasty and filling and full of good fats? Well this is the one. And with a name like Seeds Of Love, you know that you'll also be feeling that extra zing that only love can make you feel. And we're not making that up! This mix contains raw cacao nibs which have PEA, the chemical that makes you feel sweet lurve!

So this little bag will give you the energy to sing all day long and well into the night. You can even sing into your hairbrush, because no-one's watching!

Seeds Of Love is made from six of our favourite raw organic foods: mulberriesalmondsshelled hemp seedsIncan berriescacao nibs and pumpkin seeds. They're all mixed together by Sue's fair (and very clean) hands, and popped into a handy re-sealable snack pack so you can enjoy just the amount you want.

Shazzie's top tip

Seeds Of Love like to be used in fun ways. Here are a few starters for you! Let us know in the comments box below how you enjoy your Seeds Of Love!

Certified organic

Vegan Society approved

  • On picnics, with your BMX, frisbee and Sony Walkman
  • In packed lunches for ecstatic children
  • Hide in your flambotic office drawers
  • When going out to dinner -- sprinkle them blatantly on a salad
  • Sneak them into the cinema. Popcorn 0, Seeds Of Love 1
  • In flapjack and muffin recipes for extra nutrition
  • On top of your muesli for extra zing
  • In bed on a lazy morning. Mucho munch with no crumbs
  • When you go to the local disco with freshly pierced ears to take the pain away

Nutritional information


Per 100g





    - Saturated Fat  




    - Sugars









Storage: Store in a cool dry place in a sealed container.


Seeds of Love

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