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Is Certified Organic Food Really Better?

We often receive questions from our customers about our range of organic superfoods. Organic superfoods sometimes cost slightly more than regular superfood products and many of you want to know if the extra expense is really worth it.

We believe so and here’s why…

Organic superfoods are free from dangerous toxins

Organic superfoods avoid the type of artificial fertilisers, herbicides and growth regulators routinely used on non-organic produce. These dangerous toxins are employed to increase yield, extend the shelf life of a product or make it look more appealing. Yet their use can have truly devastating consequences. Take the DDT scandal for example. Originally discovered in 1939, DDT was once touted as a so–called miracle pesticide and used on over 300 agricultural products. However, it wasn’t until the 1970’s, after it became apparent that DDT was destroying our wildlife and polluting their natural habitat, that it was eventually banned. Whilst DDT may no longer pose a risk, there are countless other harmful toxins regularly added to non-organic food products, many of which have a direct impact on our health and environment. 

Organic superfoods are more sustainable

Our organic superfoods rely solely on sustainable farming methods that ensure both the long-term fertility of our soil, avoid depleting our precious natural resources and make animal welfare an absolute priority.

Organic superfoods contain more nutrients

The evidence that organic products are better for us is steadily growing. A four year research programme led by Professor Carlo Leifert at Newcastle University, entitled the ‘Quality Low Input Food Project’, revealed that organic fruits and vegetables contain up to 40 per cent more antioxidants and far higher levels of beneficial minerals such as zinc.

Organic superfoods simply taste better

There have been many studies comparing the flavour of organic and non-organic produce. Where differences were found, the vast majority favour organic. This is because organic products contain higher levels of antioxidants and have lower than average crop yields, which help maintain their quality. Data clearly shows that organic apples for example, are much firmer, crisper and tend to hold more of their flavour than non-organic apples.

It’s perhaps hardly surprising then that consumers are increasingly choosing for delicious organic superfoods, which are healthy, ethical and environmentally friendly, and that despite a poor economic outlook, sales of organic produce continue to soar.

Organic Superfoods – more than just a label

Our customers benefit from an extensive range of organic superfoods, which are supported by the ‘Organic Farmers & Growers Label’ (OF&G), the leading and government approved, organic control body in the UK. The OF&G are rigorous in ensuring that their organic farmers don’t use herbicides, and instead rely on crop rotation, well-timed cultivation, hand or mechanical weeding and a careful selection of crop varieties. They also guarantee that their certified organic products contain only a limited list of carefully selected pesticides, approved for use in organic farming, and only when there are absolutely no other alternatives, giving our customers total peace of mind.

We at Detox Your World believe passionately that our carefully selected organic products are more than just a label and strive to provide products of only the highest standards, from only the finest local suppliers.

Want to know more about organic superfoods?

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