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Oxydrops Stabilized Oxygen: Liquid electrolytes of Oxygen in a molecular form

Oxydrops Stabilized Oxygen

4 fl oz.


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What is OxyDrops Stabilized Oxygen?

OxyDrops Stabilized Oxygen is a liquid concentrate of electrolytes of Oxygen made available to the body in a molecular form and released upon contact with stomach acid.

OxyDrops is the highest quality, strongest and most stable of all the liquid electrolytes of oxygen available today. It is also probably the most cost-effective as this is 4fl oz and others are approx 2 fl oz.

Why use OxyDrops Stabilized Oxygen?

In order for our cells to function properly, we need sufficient amounts of oxygen. Oxygen is vital for our immune system to fight illness and disease.

Unfortunately modern diets, stressful lifestyles and environmental pollutants can reduce the amount of oxygen available. OxyDrops Stabilized Oxygen is a simple way of increasing oxygen levels. When extra oxygen is released into the bloodstream in this manner it is beneficial to health.

When OxyDrops is diluted in water its high alkaline pH is rapidly lowered from pH 12-13 to pH 8.6 approx. When this happens, the chlorite-oxygen molecule is separated from the sodium atom. Tiny amounts of chlorine dioxide are released and this reaction destroys microbes in the water.

Oxydrops is a convenient way to purify water wherever you are.

4 fl oz - approx 60 days supply @ two 10-drop servings per day.

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