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Phone Dome

Phone Dome bio-radiation shield

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Much has been written in national newspapers and various government reports over the last few years and recent days about the possible health hazards of mobile phones and electromagnetic frequencies, yet most of us don't know what to do about it... 

The inventor of the Phone Dome has spent over 20 years on research and development concerning radiation and its effect on the human body and has produced various devices (such as the Compu Dome PD 108) to counteract the electromagnetic radiation effects. Over the last six years he has studied specifically the effects of mobile phone radiation on the human body and has brought out the Phone Dome to counteract this. 

Dr. Roger Coghill, one of the leading authorities in the UK on mobile phone radiation, has carried out independent tests on the Phone Dome and now recommends the use of it. Testing with Kinesology and through the SE5 Plus (radionic equipment) have both given this product the thumbs up.

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