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Pure English Rose Water

Pure English Rose Water


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This pure and very special English rose water is made from dew-covered rose blooms gathered from daybreak through the mid-morning across the summer. A small area of around eight acres allows all the cultivation and gathering to be done by hand. The daily harvest is steam distilled directly on the farm giving the freshest and most vibrant of rose waters. Thanks to the ideal rich clay soil, use of natural manure and tender care, the roses remain pesticide free.

This English rose water is distilled from varieties specially chosen for their intense fragrance and high levels of rose oil -- The Kazailik damaskrose, famous across Turkey, Iran and Bulgaria and loved for its true hypnotic damask scent; the Louise Odier, a Bourbon rose known also for its intense damask scent with light raspberry overtones and the Roserie de l'Hay, with its spicy overtones of clove and honey.

Rose water is also known for its aphrodisiac tendencies and an antiseptic and astringent means that it will always be more than a natural toner, cleanser and skin conditioner!

To use your rosewater, simply spray onto a cotton ball or cloth and gently wipe over your face and neck, to tone and cleanse the skin. Rose water has cooling properties and can be used as a cooling and freshening mist on the body or to cool skin with sunburn or nappy rash.

Rose water can also be mixed with Rhassoul clay for extra special face masks, skin cleansing and hair washing. Rose water can also be used as a room spray or be sprayed onto carpets to create a natural summer fragrance.

Suitable for all skin types. It has numerous uses, from cleansing and toning to room and pillow freshening.

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