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Superfoodies Raw Cacao and Almond Spread

A all natural, raw and organic nut butter with cacao! - 425g


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What goes into this wonderfully tasty spread?

This indulgent treat, made with raw organic cacao and almonds.

The almonds come from Spain, and are processed without using any heat so this is completely raw butter. They are then ground with their skins on to make this a lovely dark brown spread. 

Thanks to the cacao, this decadent spread is also rich in calcium and magnesium and is also high in selenium. 

Compared to supermarket nut butters and and chocolate spreads, it is made with no artificial ingredients and has no added preservatives. This cacao and almond is also - 

  • Low in saturated fats,
  • Low in sodium
  • Not made with refined sugars - sweetened with agave nectar which has low GI
  • Free from added emulsifiers and palm fat.

The Ingredients - they're all organic! 

54% raw Spanish almonds, raw Bolivian Brazil nuts, raw Mexican agave syrup, 6% raw Peruvian cacao powder, cold-pressed hempseed oil

Best ways to use Raw Cacao and Almond Spread! 

Enjoy in any amount with snacks, as a spread, as a dip or in raw chocolate recipes! 

Storage Advice

We recommend that you keep your butter cool, and use within the best before date. For a fresh product it keeps well, but not as well as cooked nut and seed butters. Once we open ours, we refrigerate it, just because we like our oil to taste fresh.

Allergy Advice

This product contains almonds and may contain traces of sesame seeds.

Raw Cacao and Almond Spread Nutritional Information

Per 100g
Energy 2376KJ/568kcal
Protein 17.1g
Carbohydrates 24.3g
Fat 48.5g

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