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Raw Loulou – Living Foods Nutritional Therapist, Life Coach and Hatha Yoga teacher in the raw!

Rawloulou is a Living Foods Nutritional Therapist, Life Coach and Hatha Yoga teacher who is currently based in the South of France, where she shares a home with her beloved Border Collie, Hypso. She is most fervent about the rawfood lifestyle and disseminating her incredibly simple, yet utterly delicious raw food, vegan and vegetarian recipes, which she hopes will inspire others to give the rawfood way of life a try.

Rawloulou’s personal motivation for studying and qualifying in the field of nutrition and her interest in healthy living in general, was initially triggered by her parents terminally ill health and was further fuelled by her introduction to colourful raw food TV presenter and author, Shazzie.

Rawloulou’s top advice for anyone interested in pursuing a healthier lifestyle is to ‘take each day as it comes and work at your own pace’. Although she enjoys plenty of raw food and is an ardent ambassador for the myriad benefits that eating raw foods offers, Rawloulou is not and does not aspire to be 100% raw. Instead, she advocates an intuitive approach and always encourages ‘listening to your body and what works well for you’.

Her favourite superfood by far is sweet, raw carob powder – a delectable and integral ingredient in many of the tempting creations on her informative and entertaining website. The inspirational quote closest to Rawloulou’s heart is, “years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul” by American Poet, Samuel Ullman.