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Raw Thai Style Spicy Noodles

This oriental delight is very simple and fun to make and serves 2 to 4 people. Please find below the ingredients available at Detox Your World -
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Ingredients –

For the noodles - 

- 6 courgettes

- 1 cup of beansprouts

- Half of a tomato

- Quarter of a red pepper

- Half a spring onion

For the sauce - 

- 1 and a half cups of water

- 4 tablespoons raw whole almond butter

 - Quarter of a cup of cashew nuts

- Juice of 1 lemon

- 6 tablespoons of diced onion

- 6 cloves garlic

- 3 tablespoons of grated fresh ginger

- Quarter of a tsp cayenne (depending on how spicy you want it)

- 6 dates

- 2 tablespoons of agave nectar

For Garnish

- 1 Lime

- Half a spring onion


For the sauce, with a blender, put the water in first, followed by almond butter and the remaining ingredients.

For the noodles, run the courgette in a spiralizer. Prepare the remaining ingredients and toss together with the courgettes which now resemble noodles.

To finish the dish gradually add the sauce a little bit at the time and toss as together as you go (Note – you do not have to add all of the sauce if you feel the dish is becoming too runny). Complete the dish with a wedge of lime and sprinkle over some spring onions.

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