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Raw White Chocolates

A pure and simple recipe for a guilt free way to enjoy white chocolates! Watch the video below for how to make this recipe.

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Raw White Chocolates Recipe Video

Yes, it’s true – you really can enjoy deliciously indulgent homemade white chocolates entirely guilt free!

That’s because this yummy raw white chocolate recipe below contains zero fattening dairy products and absolutely no refined sugars. Instead these indulgent white chocolates are lovingly prepared from a tempting selection of delicious recipes including the wonderful organic cacao butter

Ingredients (Click the links below for the ingredients available at Detox Your World or add them all to your cart now by clicking the above - "Add to Cart")

1 and a quarter cups of cacao butter (melted)

1 cup of coconut flour

Half a tablespoon of vanilla bean powder (optional)

Quarter of a cup of raw honey or coconut nectar


Firstly finely chop the cacao butter and gently melt. When melted pour into a mixing bowl.

Now with the melted cacao butter,  thoroughly whisk in the remaining ingredients.

Next pour this into chocolate shape moulds of your choice or an ice cube tray and pop into your freezer for around 2 hours.

Try topping each mould with organic cacao nibs or organic goji berries for decoration and extra bite and flavour!

Once set, the Raw White Chocolates are best stored in the fridge, unless you eat them all first! 

Or there are so many ways to use this raw white chocolate recipe! 

Instead of putting it into moulds, pour into a plastic container and stir in your favourite mixed fruits and nuts of your choice! Put into freezer for around 2 hours and you will get results like the image to your right. This way with the recipe is your license to be as creative as you like! 

Or try dipping your favourite fruit into it and then put it into the freezer for delicious white chocolate covered fruit! 

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