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Superfoodies Raw Whole Almond Butter

100% raw organic crunchy whole almond butter - 425g jar

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Superfoodies Raw Whole Almond Butter

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100% fresh raw organic almonds.

Detox Your World's very own premium brand of raw and organic nut and seed butters - In our quest to leave an ecstatic footprint on this planet, we constantly look for ways to reduce the environmental load of our products. Because of this, our raw nut and seed butters are made in the UK. We're also over the moon to announce that they're organically certified.

The almonds come from Spain, and are processed without using any heat so this is completely raw butter. They are then ground with their skins on to make this a lovely dark brown spread. 


Enjoy in any amount, as a spread, in a dip or in raw chocolate recipes. 


We recommend that you keep your butter cool, and use within the best before date. For a fresh product it keeps well, but not as well as cooked nut and seed butters. Once we open ours, we refrigerate it, just because we like our oil to taste fresh.

Allergy advice

This product contains almonds and may contain traces of sesame seeds.

Nutritional information

Per 100g
Energy 2418KJ/578kcal
Protein 21.0g
Carbohydrates 20.0g
Fat 51.0g

Additional Information

SKU SFD00165
Brand Detox Your World
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Customer Reviews - 2 Customer Reviews

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  • Addictive

    VictoriaD | 1/12/15

    This is my latest MUST have snack treat . It is utterly delicious - I spread it on oatcakes and enjoy with a little honey or date.
  • YUM...YUM...YUM!!!

    fredaWin | 11/24/14

    So delicious, it very rarely makes it to the cracker or the toast!! Great in protein shakes; great off a spoon; great, er... just GREAT actually!!!

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