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Saskia's Raw Food Story

My relationship with food hasn't always been so positive. I was lucky enough to have a wonderfully nurturing and eclectic childhood, with parents who embraced a diverse range of cultures and ideas. They were into organic and wholefoods at a time when such ideas were almost unheard of in Western culture.

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My mother's influence gave me an invaluable understanding of the way that food affects us not just on a physical level, but also on an emotional and spiritual level. Unfortunately, as most teenagers do, I chose to totally rebel against the teachings of my mother and started indulging in copious amounts of junk food instead! And so white bread, chocolate, cakes and sausages became staples in my diet, and I soon developed an emotional over-eating habit that I would struggle with into my thirties.

I had also discovered during my teen years that I was intolerant to wheat and sugar - they would leave me feeling bloated and sluggish, with aching joints and low energy. Although I did go through stages of cutting them out, I would always find myself giving up and reverting to eating junk food. Unsurprisingly, I found myself feeling increasingly unwell.

Having ignored all the warning signs my body had been giving me, I was soon suffering from IBS, eczema, sore joints, memory loss (forgetting what I was saying mid-sentence several times a day) and anxiety issues. I was only 32 at that time and yet physically I felt 20 years older! And my emotional health wasn't faring much better.

in 2007 I had a massive wake-up call.  I was on holiday in Argentina with my mother and 2 of my sisters when we were involved in a big car accident.  My beautiful sister Lilah died in the accident.  Another of my sisters broke her spine and was paralysed.  I had multiple severe injuries that meant I ended up in intensive care. Back in the UK, my remaining family received a call saying we were all so badly injured they were unsure of our chances of surviving.  We did survive, and I spent the next 3 months recovering from my physical injuries. During that period I had a lot of time and space to think about what really made life important. In my previous life I had worked incredibly hard and was really stressed. I had driven myself  to the edge of a nervous breakdown. I was always being hard on myself and was convinced I wasn’t doing things right,  well enough, or just simply ‘enough’. I hated what I saw in the mirror and was flung from pillar to post emotionally. I was living life in a daze.

The accident gave me the wake-up call I needed. Very little seems worth getting stressed over or worried about when you’ve been through an experience like that. All I wanted was to learn how to love myself and to be deep-down happy.

I finally decided to take a leap of faith and did two weeks of raw food, slap bang in the middle of winter! It was about November time, it was freezing cold and I was feeling pretty miserable - the idea of facing the rest of winter feeling bloated and lethargic was more than I could bear. The time had come to really give raw food a go. I figured that if I could do it during the cold months when my cravings for cooked stodgy food would be at their height, then it was a realistic way of improving my health in the long-term.

After just two short weeks, the changes I experienced were incredible - my memory improved, my IBS eased, my eczema cleared up and my energy levels soared. I felt healthier and looked better than I had done in years! And my fears about raw food being boring were quashed thanks to all the delicious recipes I discovered. I had found a fabulously healthy and empowering way of eating and I couldn't wait to share what I had learned with the world!

Raw food has transformed my life on every possible level, so much so that guiding and supporting people on their own raw food journeys has now become my life's passion. My life is proof that raw food isn't just another diet or food fad, it's a way of life that enables you to be the very best of yourself.

I'm honoured to say that in the years that I have spent coaching clients, I have discovered that my gift is helping people to unlocking their full and shining potential.  Using a combination of raw food knowledge, personal experience and intuition, I help women to rediscover themselves, and expand their awareness so they can experience a deeper connection with themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually.  My personal style of coaching has developed from simple, practical raw food coaching into holistic mind, body and spirit coaching that incorporates raw food and life coaching. My work is all about giving women the emotional support and compassionate guidance they need so they can truly experience all the wonderful rewards that raw food  and a life full of peace and passion bring. 

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