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Seagreens wild seaweed food capsules: raw, organic, vegan

60 vegicaps.

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Organic Wild Seaweed

Seagreens are an ideal foundation of any daily diet because, with their wide spectrum of nutrients they ensure the body has a little of every nutrient every day.

These remarkable ocean vegetables grow abundantly in the cold, crystal waters of the Arctic Circle among the islands of a remote archipelago. It is a superbly clean, natural garden with white sandy beaches, deep fjiords and towering, snow-capped mountains. The wild-crafted Wrack is harvested by hand as the Norwegians have done for centuries without harm to the environment.

A nutritious choice of sea vegetable Seagreens are available in three forms. As Seagreens Food Capsules, Culinary Ingredient and Table Condiment. The Food Capsules contain a blend of 3 different varieties of wild Arctic Wrack. Their nutritional profile across these three is virtually identical with one important exception: two contain very little iodine. By mixing all three, we get a broader nutrient profile without excessive iodine.

Certified organic

All Seagreens products are 'Certified to Soil Association Organic Standards'.

Nutritional highlights

  • Seagreens lose fewer nutrients in cooking than land vegetables -- they thrive in water.
  • Naturally balanced range of nutrients -- broader than land-grown foods.
  • Rich in amino acids (so naturally bring out other food flavours).
  • Rich in pigments, including chlorophyll (helps cleanse blood and kidneys).
  • Rich in polysaccharides (detox, aids digestion and lowers cholesterol).
  • Rich in all micronutrients missing from processed foods and even organic land foods.
  • A teaspoon of Seagreens has the iron of a plate of broccoli, the calcium of half a cup of milk.
  • Ocean balance of mineral salts closely resembles their natural balance in human plasma.
  • Virtually fat-free, low calories, low sodium (Seagreens - 3.5%; sea salt - 40%; low-sodium salts - 15%).
  • Culinary inclusion with carbohydrates aids digestion and alkalinity while reducing flatulence.
  • One Seagreens Food Capsule can be mixed in infant weaning food at 6 - 8 months.

Unique blend of Seagreens ® micronised Arctic Wild Wrack in easy to take capsule form for every day nutrition.
Normal daily requirement: 2 capsules.

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  • Excellent supplement.

    Crystal2870 | 8/24/13

    I wanted to include some extra sea minerals into my diet but hate the taste of seasweed ..way to fishy tasting for me as I am vegan. I reseached various supplements had read that these were very good. I have been taking for about three months now, my hair has been very shiny and nails getting stronger.

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