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Shazzie – prolific raw food author, larger than life TV presenter and creative visionary!

Shazzie is a prolific raw food author, larger than life TV presenter and a proud mum to daughter Evie (of ‘Evie’s Kitchen’ fame). A keen yoga enthusiast, Shazzie is utterly devoted to empowering others to make educated health choices and passionately believes that eating well and enjoying a healthy lifestyle is far more effective than any pill in preventing or treating disease. Her ultimate aim is to see ‘out of the box’ thinking applied to conventional medicine for alternative healthcare solutions that go mainstream.

Despite turning vegan at the tender age of 18, Shazzie fought a long, hard battle with depression and weight gain before finally applying more radical changes to her diet. Her eventual switch to raw food was the true catalyst for improved physical and spiritual wellbeing and a pivotal moment from which she’s never looked back.

Today, Shazzie’s no-nonsense advice to those wishing to embark upon a similarly healthy lifestyle is simply to ‘enjoy what you do!’ She maintains that all of us love at least some things that just so happen to be healthy and urges us to focus on these. In fact, Shazzie actively recommends compiling a list of ten ‘healthy’ things that really excite you - from raw chocolate (Shazzie’s own favourite superfood) to celery or from yoga to candle lit baths – whatever floats your particular boat, she asserts, will soon have you leading an ecstatic, exhilarating, healthy and incredibly fulfilling way of life.

Author of five highly informative and entertaining books including Detox Your World, Evie’s Kitchen and Naked Chocolate, creative visionary, Shazzie, derives much personal inspiration from the following quote, ‘If it's not love, it's not in my life’. Isn’t it time you considered what’s in yours?