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Stockli dehydrator without timer

Stockli dehydrator without timer and 3 trays


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Preserve the nutritional content of your produce with the new UK model of theStockli dehydrator from Switzerland.

Free ShippingIt features a fan for active warm air circulation and a variable fine temperature adjustment with a range between 35 and 70 degrees C to provide consistent, gentle drying.

You have the choice of one with a 12 hour timer or one with no timer. Both have a transparent lid displaying processing times.

Free Detox Your World!Sturdily constructed of corrosion proof, taste-free light grey polypropylene.

Supplied with three dishwasher-safe drying trays, sufficient for 1.5kg of produce, and an English language instruction and recipe book.

Size: 280mm High x 335mm Diameter
Weight: 3.5kg
Capacity: Up to 5 kg using 10 trays (available separately)
Power: 230 volts, 600 Watts
Safety feature: Thermal cut-out with automatic reset.
Guarantee: 12 months
Fully SEV and CE qualified.

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