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Superfood Weight Loss Menu

Superfoods are packed with valuable nutrients including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, all of which offer an almost limitless list of potential health benefits. Yet, for many of our customers it’s their growing reputation as an effective aid to weight loss that appeals most. This is hardly surprising when even the UK government is finding it necessary to implement policy to tackle obesity and improve our diet. According to their report, published in March 2013, most people in Britain are either overweight or obese and the associated health problems now cost the NHS in excess of £5 billion each year.

If you want to lose weight, then choosing the right weight loss menu is paramount to success. Many popular diets push a weight loss menu that cuts out entire food groups or encourages high amounts of protein, which might help you lose weight in the short term, but may also put your health at risk. Incorporating a range of fat-busting superfoods into your existing daily diet on the other hand, is a relatively simple and extremely natural way to lose weight.

To help you get started we’ve compiled a special superfood weight loss menu packed with tempting ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and of course, those inevitable snacks between meals!


There are a number of delicious and incredibly easy breakfast recipes that can be prepared using superfoods. Try making your own home made granola or trail mix and serve with almond or hemp milk and a selection of fat-preventing superfoods such as mango, cacao nibs or chia seeds. Chia seeds are great in raw porridge too, which is just perfect for warming up on those chillier mornings.

And if breakfast is normally a rushed affair, then rustle up a quick smoothie prepared from fresh fruits and vegetables and make it ‘fat friendly’ by stirring in a just a few teaspoons of cacao, acai or spirulina powder.

Weekends deserve a treat, so why not spoil yourself with fresh pancakes made from linseeds and generously topped with fresh berries and agave nectar. Or try a delicious slice of banana bread spread liberally with nut butter.


Fresh superfood salads and hearty soups are the obvious lunchtime items on your superfood weight loss menu. Yet, for some lunch simply isn’t complete without a trusty sandwich. The good news is that you can still enjoy a tasty sandwich without all the carbs by replacing standard bread for nutritious raw breads and then cramming them with nutrient dense greens such as rocket or fresh spinach.

If you’re pushed for time, a luscious green juice can also do you nicely for a energy boost.


Dinner on your weight loss menu can be as varied as your imagination allows. For example, if you’re a confirmed pasta lover you can always substitute standard pasta for grated raw vegetables (such as courgette) and still enjoy all your Italian favourites.

In fact, the raw food diet is another proven route to weight loss and there are plenty of exciting raw food dinner recipes to explore.


We all love to snack between meals – whether on the road, in the office or at home relaxing in front of the telly. Fortunately there’s a large choice of superfoods snacks that you can use to supplement your weight loss menu and keep you going throughout the day.

Try nibbling on crunchy kale chips or munching on dried superfruits and nuts instead of your usual crisps and sweets. If you have a particularly sweet tooth, opt for raw chocolate bars brimming with luscious raw cacao.

Ready to begin your superfood weight loss menu?

Detox Your World stocks an extensive selection of organic superfoods that can be used to build your very own superfood weight loss menu.