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Viridian Vitamin D2

Viridian Vitamin D2, vegan 1000iu x 90 vcaps.

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A vegan source of the hard-to-find vitamin D.

Vegans can be low in vitamin D if they don't get enough sunshine or supplementation. Pregnancy, breastfeeding and childhood growth are times in our lives when we need more vitamin D. It's essential for so many things that we are making it available on our web site.

Most vitamin D tablets come from animal sources. Viridian vitamin D2 is 100% vegan. It comes in veggie capsules, so you can break it open and sprinkle it on food or mix into smoothies if giving to children.

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  • Essential for those keen vegans in the northern hemisphere

    MsHJB* | 8/22/13

    Top product for giving confidence that all is covered during those cold winter months in the UK.

    Much more natural than other options.

    Good buy, not too expensive!

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