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Tropical Raw Chocolates

Free from dairy products and refined sugars and crammed with sunny happy ingredients that will brighten up your day! Find out how to make these Tropical Raw Chocolates below! 

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Pineapple is a vibrant tropical fruit that belongs to the Bromeliaceae family, from which bromelain extract, an important nutrient derived from the stem and the fruit, gets its name. Cultivated mainly in Asia, Africa and South America, the pineapple visually resembles the pine cone, hence the name ‘pina’ in Spanish. 

Organic dried pineapple is made by sun drying pieces of pure, organic pineapple. The result is an sweet and pleasantly chewy superfood snack that contains only natural fruit sugars and is free from artificial flavourings, colourings, preservatives and other additives.

As it hasn’t been heated, organic dried pineapple is also flush with beneficial nutrients that make it a particularly sensible treat – in addition to bromelain extract, organic dried pineapple contains generous amounts of vitamin C, fibre, potassium and the essential trace element, manganese. In fact, one small handful is comparable to an entire portion of fresh fruit.

Organic dried pineapple can be enjoyed by the handful straight from the bag and is a sure-fire hit with the kids this way. Alternatively it can be chopped into smaller pieces and combined with nuts and other dried fruits for a tasty tropical trail mix or a flavour burst breakfast topping!

It also is a very yummy ingredient in homemade raw chocolate, such as this Tropical Raw Chocolate with Pineapple!

Tropical Raw Chocolates Ingredients (Click the links below for the ingredients available at Detox Your World or add them all to your cart now by clicking the above - "Add to Cart")

200 grams of organic cacao butter

3 tablespoons of organic cacao powder

3 tablespoons of organic lucuma powder

2 to 3 tablespoons of raw honey or coconut nectar (for vegan diets)

Quarter of a cup of organic dried pineapple

Quarter of a cup of Brazil nuts

Tropical Raw Chocolates Instructions 

First gently melt the organic cacao butter over a low heat. Pour into your blender along with the organic cacao powder, organic lucuma powder and raw honey.

Blend until nice and smooth.

Now pour the chocolate mixture into a mixing bowl. Chop the organic dried pineapple and Brazil nuts into small pieces and using a spoon, mix thoroughly into the chocolate mixture.

Finally pour the raw chocolate into your chosen chocolate mould, place in the freezer to set for between 1 and 2 hours until they are set! 

Lovely! Sunny yummy deliciousness! 

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