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Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend

Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend: raw, organic, vegan

500ml glass bottle.

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The ultimate source of omega 3, 6 and 9 and the UK's market leading nutritional oil blend is recommended by many nutritionists including Patrick Holford, and nutrition experts such as our very own Shazzie.

Udo's Oil for health

Our bodies need essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6 for maintaining optimum heart health, brain function, supple joints and a strong immune system. They are called ‘essential’ because our bodies cannot produce them -- they need to be included in our diets. However, with modern day food processing and cooking methods which damage or destroy these delicate essential fats, our sources of “healthy”, undamaged omega oils are limited. Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend provides a simple and convenient way of ensuring the whole family can obtain these important nutrients by mixing it in with foods or your favourite smoothie (great for getting the omega oils into kids!)

Udo's Oil for beauty

Including Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil blend in your daily diet is a top beauty tip of many celebrities who use it to keep their skin looking and feeling great.

Model, make-up artist and beauty columnist Jemma Kidd is a big fan:

“My philosophy is that beauty starts from within; make-up is a great tool but it’s what you put into your body that really counts. Having healthy skin, hair and nails is important to me and Udo’s Choice is the best product I’ve found for maintaining them. Since using Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend my nails are stronger, I no longer have dry skin and I rarely get blemishes – my concealer has virtually been made redundant! Now I can use make-up to enhance my features, not mask them."

It's also a favourite of Red Magazine's Beauty Director, Sophie Forte:

"Taking a couple of spoons of this pressed blend of Essential Fatty Acids every day is essential for keeping my skin feeling hydrated and elastic – it's almost impossible to get enough essential fatty acids from our diets alone, and this is the best supplement for them I’ve found."

And Glamour Magazine's Beauty Director, Alessandra Steinherr says:

"I have a tablespoon of this daily. I am convinced it's what keeps my skin supple and plump."

Udo's Choice delivers a balanced 2:1:1 ratio of the essential fatty acids (EFAs) omega 3 and 6, and the beneficial fatty acid omega 9. It is a unique blend of certified organic flax, sunflower, coconut and sesame oils, with unrefined oils from the germs of rice and oats, evening primrose oil and non GM lecithin. Every cell in our body needs these essential fatty acids to function at their best and this includes our skin, hair and nails. Without them skin can become dry and flaky, hair lifeless and nails brittle. Just mix Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend with food, (never cook with it) and let the essential fatty acids work their magic to bring out your naturally beautiful skin, hair and nails.

Udo's Oil for sport

Udo's Choice is also used by many of Britain's top sports men and women. Helen Jenkins, Britain's number one female triathlete and Olympic Gold hopeful, includes Udo's Oil in her diet to improve her recovery after hard training sessions.

If you train or participate in a sport, reach your potential by including Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend in your diet which in two independent research studies showed effects on:

  • Energy levels
  • Recovery
  • Endurance
  • Flexibility

Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend is award winning, boasts the Vegetarian and Vegan Societies logos, and is certified organic.


Flaxseed oil*, Sunflower seed oil*, Sesame seed oil*, Coconut oil**, Evening primrose oil* (13mg gla/15ml), Soy lecithin, Rice bran and rice germ oils, Oat bran and oat germ*.

*From organically grown plant seeds

**Product of organic farming

Suitable for vegetarians & vegans. Gluten free.

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