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Organic Vanilla Pods

Fairtrade and Organic Vanilla Pods From Ndali

Vanilla Pods x 2


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Fairtrade and Organic Vanilla Pods. 

Vanilla is a climbing orchid vine whose delicate flowers have to be pollinated painstakingly by hand (using a pin) to produce the green vanilla bean.

Rich and mature with hints of spice and caramel these premium bourbon-style vanilla pods from Ndali have been carefully blanched, sweated and reheated in tropical sunshine, then slowly fermented in wooden boxes over a period of months to develop their extraordinarily complex and beautiful aroma.

White vanillin crystals -- a sign of extra vanilla strength -- may form on these beans and should be used along with the rest of the bean.

Use to add a wonderful vanilla flavour to any of your raw desserts. Use the whole pod or just open up and scrape the seeds into your food.

Store in a cool dark place.

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