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Vita-Prep 3hp blender from Vita-Mix

Vita-Prep3 commercial or heftyhome-use blender with 2 litre jug.


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Vita-Prep is the commercial version of the Vita-Mix, now available in the UK!

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You love it

We are so happy that our original suppliers in the UK of the Vita-Mix are now distributing this hefty 3hp machine. From the makers of Vita-Mix, the Vita-Prep comes complete with two litre jug and tamper.

Why the price tag? This is because it's actually a catering machine, so is perfect for all those raw fooders who use their blender/processor ten times a day!

Ideal for the commercial kitchen, the Vita-Prep purees and blends quicker and smoother than any food processor. Vita-Prep will puree anything, even asparagus!, with no strings, no lumps and no seeds. Just a silky smooth puree every time.

The new Vita-Prep 3 has more power to handle the thickest, toughest ingredients with its efficient 3HP motor.

Free Detox Your World!

  • 2 litre container as standard
  • Variable speed allows you to grind, chop, blend and puree many different ingredients at exactly the right speed
  • Grind fresh flour from whole grains, rice, beans and pasta
  • Chop small quantities of ingredients from hard cheeses to soft mushrooms and tomatoes
Code Ho0011
Width 20.3cm
Height 51cm
Depth 23cm
Weight 5.9kg
Electrical requirements 1200W
Power Rating 3HP

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Vita-Prep3 brochure Vita-Prep3 brochure

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