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Vita Synergy For Men

Vita Synergy For Men. Not vegan, contains lanolin.
180 tablets

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Note to vegans: the vitamin D in this product is derived from lanolin. The sheep are well kept in natural conditions, not abused or used for anything else. They are not shorn, they are just combed for the lanolin. The lanolin is then taken to labs where vitamin D is cultured on it. Though we are a vegan company, we have decided to continue to offer these supplements because of the non-cruelty aspect of this lanolin use.

The first truly 100% all natural vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement -- entirely from food source nutrients.

So many vitamins and minerals are in chemical and isolated form and so contain meagre or no goodness at all. For optimal nutrition, vitamins and minerals need to be in their natural form with all their crucial co-factors entact. Vita Synergy on the other hand, is created from the Synergy Company's Naturally Grown Nutrients and so enhances your diet with true food state vitamins, minerals, enzymes, co-enzymes, trace elements, and other naturally occurring nutrients.

Vita Synergy's comprehensive and synergistic union of Naturally Grown Nutrients, Synergised Botanical Extracts, Bio-Potentiators, Vital Food Co-Factors and Wildcrafted and Organic Flowers and Spices, provides a most extraordinary and healthy abundance of nature's essential and life enhancing nourishment.

Scientifically tested

The Naturally Grown Nutrients have been extensively tested in more than 60 independent, scientific and clinical studies confirming that these nutrients have superior levels of absorption, retention, bio-availability and safety compared with ordinary vitamins and minerals ... because they are 100% whole food.

Vita Synergy for men

Vita Synergy for Men contains antioxidant botanicals, flowers and spices, many culled from ancient healing traditions, provide their powerful, protective and restorative attributes for every system of a man's body and being. Vita Synergy for Men is the superlative vitamin and mineral supplement delivering advanced nutrition and well-being for men of all ages. Vita Synergy is the perfect complement to Pure Synergy - together they provide the finest and most complete nutritional supplement for optimum well-being.

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