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Why Coconut Oil Is Good For Weight Loss

Sue, a long-standing Detox Your World customer, contacted us about the connection between coconut oil and weight loss. She told us that after many years battling the bulge, she is now finally able to maintain a stable body weight that she is happy with. In addition to consuming a diet rich in a variety of delicious superfoods, Sue told us that she recently swapped her regular cooking oil for coconut oil, as she had heard that it doesn’t oxidise when heating. This switch to coconut oil seems to have coincided with Sue’s slender new figure - she therefore wanted to confirm if it was the coconut oil that was responsible for her enviable weight loss.

So is coconut oil really good for weight loss? Here’s what we told Sue.

Coconut oil – why you’d be nuts not to try it!

Coconuts grow on the coconut palm, an ancient tree and distant relative of the grass family that flourishes in the coastal regions of South and Central America, Africa, Asia and the Polynesian and Hawaiian islands. In ancient Sanskrit the coconut palm was referred to as ‘Kalpa Vriksha’, in other words a ‘wish fulfilling tree’ that was reputed to provide all the necessities of life. Indeed, coconut oil is brimming with vegetable saturated fatty acids (good fats) and a wide range of other beneficial ingredients that not only encourage weight loss, they also:

  • Reduce oxidative stress and thus help prevent aging
  • Improve our HDL cholesterol ratio and lower the risk of heart disease
  • Restore our skin’s natural fat content to promote radiant skin
  • Promote lustrous hair and strong nails
  • Support our thyroid function and help in both the regulation and manufacture of hormones
  • Slow down the degradation of our brain’s cellular tissue, which in turn helps to prevent atrophy and reduces the risk of Alzheimer's
  • Stimulate the production of white blood cells to boost our immunity
  • Support the bowel flora and protects against inflammation, bacteria, viruses, fungi and microbes
  • Improve mineral absorption (especially iron and calcium)

Aromatic coconut oil is gluten free and contains no trans fats, sugars, carbohydrates or salt and, as it is high in medium chain fatty acids, won’t adversely affect your cholesterol levels.

And this particularly fragrant superfood is extremely versatile too – it can be enjoyed as a delicious spread straight from the jar or added to a variety of tempting smoothies and desserts. Or just like Sue, you can try using it as healthy alternative to your current cooking oil, healthier even than olive oil. As coconut oil is totally hypoallergenic and exceptionally nourishing for your skin and hair, you can also apply it directly as a sensuous massage oil or use it to prepare an exotic range of essential oils.

Coconut oil and weight loss - why they go hand in hand

But could coconut oil be partly responsible for Sue’s recent weight loss? We believe that coconut oil and weight loss go hand in hand for three key reasons:

1) The medium chain fatty acids found in coconut oil require significantly less bile and fewer enzymes to break them down. This means that they are far easier to digest and can be converted into energy much faster than other fats, ultimately resulting in a noticeably leaner you!

2) Coconut oil boasts a high triglycerides content – triglycerides are blood lipids known for their ability to speed up our metabolism and consequently burn fat. Eat plenty of coconut oil and we reckon you’ll never be able to pinch more than the proverbial inch.

3) Eating coconut oil stimulates the absorption of essential fatty acids such as omega-3. Omega 3 assists with weight loss by improving the flow of blood to your muscles during exercise. It also stimulates the enzymes responsible for transporting fat to where it can be burnt as fuel, instead of being stored in the form of unsightly flab! For the best weight loss results try using coconut oil in combination with products that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, including fish, fish oil, chia seeds, hemp seeds and walnuts.