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Transforming Your Life With Raw Food DVD

Transforming Your LifeWith Raw Food, Philip McCluskey.

60 minutes. Plays all regions.


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Thousands have been inspired by Philip to improve their lives already, now this information is available to you on this DVD to a sold-out crowd. Philip McCluskey discovered and now shares the secret to overcoming obesity through vibrant eating and living! It begins with rawfood, and it continues with a whole host of ecstatic living tools. Learn how to enjoy exercise, trust your intuition, release your need to control, calm your mind, and re-discover your inner kid-like ability to have FUN. Most importantly learn how to fully love yourself and create the best lifeEVER!

Through his entire life Philip had tried everything to reverse his morbid obesity, unsuccessfully attempting over 30 diets, and ALMOST going through with gastric bypass surgery. That was until he found the SECRET. 

Find out how Philip became half the size he used to be (and twice the man!), dropping over 200lbs, and KEEPING it off. If you are ready to become the sexy, adventurous and glowing person that's waiting inside, you need to watch this! You're WORTH IT.

"After Philip had spoken to a sold out crowd, many of them told me that he was the most authentic, compassionate and loving speaker they'd ever hear. Philip's delivery was fast, funny, tear-jerking, thought provoking and captivating. My customers are already asking me to host him again, and we are still receiving letters of thanks for this life changing night."
Shazzie, author of Detox Your World, co-author of Naked chocolate

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As you may know, we at Detox Your World and Shazzie, work really hard to get true health information to the masses. We don't believe in medical procedures to lose weight because they are dangerous, and sometimes even fatal. If you know someone who is obese or severely overweight, please consider buying them this DVD and watching it with them. Philip, with losing 200lb and regaining his health, is a great role model for everyone out there who needs to lose weight. And with no surgery or strange faddy diets, once you lose the weight, the weight stays off. Philip is inspiring, ecstatic and loving his new life. He really is half the size and twice the man, and other obese people can be that, too.

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